The Top 20 Fat Burning Exercises

The Top 20 Fat Burning Exercises

{Please note – all of these are not for everyone – They are provided as something to provide a guide for you to discuss with your health expert – Always be safe and use common sense.}

Everyone wants to know what exercises will help them lose body fat. Many just don't think twice and start running/jogging for 30 minutes to an hour. But is that the most efficient way to lose body fat? Personally speaking..NO!! You will see in the list below that the best exercises for fat loss are predominantly strength training exercises. REASON!!? Well it's because these strength training exercises create an EPOC effect i.e. Excess Post-workout Oxygen Consumption; which basically means that your body will require more oxygen for hours after the workout which in effect raises your metabolism and burn more calories.

So here's the list for the Top Twenty fat burning exercises as we see them.

20. Lawn mowing:

I know many people will read this and laugh; but seriously . . . mowing your lawn (especially if you have one like mine . . . phewwww!!) is a very demanding task. So get mowing and you are sure to save a ton of cash (for people who want to know how . . . it's simple. You don't have to pay anyone to mow the lawn and you don't need to go to the gym ;))

19. Walking:

You will find a number of posts and videos on youtube saying that walking is the best fat burning exercise. WRONG!!!! It is certainly a good start for people who want to get fit but really the best one. However, it does help burn extra calories, so something is better than nothing.

18. Aerobic class:

These classes are good and all (especially if you get that really tight and toned girl in front of youJ) but similar to the walking concept. It is not high enough intensity. You will burn calories during the workout and probably for another hour or so . . . but that is it!!

17. Cycling:

Really depends on your fitness level and training method. If you are on the bike for an hour and going at a medium to slow pace, then this ranking is correct. If you use HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) approach then cycling should be in the top three. Mix it up a little bit to see how you get on.
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16. Jogging:

I don't think I should say anything different about jogging. It is more or less the same thing as cycling BUT the ankle, knee and shin impact is not all that great. The good news is, you still burn calories.

15. Pull-ups:

A sudden change from cardio to strength training. Well yes! Pull-ups are great for strength gains and if you can do many or do assisted pull-ups for high reps . . . you can burn quite a few calories. Issue with pull-ups that, not many people can do more than a couple of them so you don't get maximum benefits. Try assisted pull-ups for high reps and you are sure to get a sore back, biceps, top part of the chest, fore arms and a bit of the abs.

14. Squats:

Try doing a 200 squats in like 20 minutes to half an hour (beginners — intermediates) and you will see what I mean. The idea is to fatigue the large muscle groups. The biggest muscle in your body is the butt muscle and the third biggest muscle is your thigh muscle so basically, you are fatiguing very large muscle groups which means you burn more calories and low more fat. If you weights, you get ever more benefits.

13. Box Jumps:

I saw these for the first time looking at a Crossfit video. I tried these and they were brutal. Basically, you squat and jump on a box with both legs at the same time. The box has different sizes and you can increase or decrease it according to your fitness level.

12. Lunges:

The only way the lunges are different to squats is that it engages the hamstring as well along with strengthening one leg at a time.

11. Hiking:

It is a lot of fun plus you burn a lot of calories coz you are not going to go hiking for an hour or so. It is a day thing so you exert yourself all day. Sounds good!!!

10. Swimming:

A lot of controversy going on around us over the internet on whether swimming is a good enough workout or not. I believe it is good. You can't make it the only method if you want to get ripped but it is certainly good for overall fitness

9. Deadlifts:

Remember I told you that the butt muscle is the largest muscle in our body. Well!!! The back muscle is the second largest one. A deadlift engaged your thigh, butt, back, trap, forearm and bicep muscles. So basically it is an advanced squat. It is very important to keep you back strain throughout the movement.

8. Jump Rope:

An excellent combination for strength, stamina and calorie usage. Start with a simple jump rope and move up to double-unders (when you jump once but move the rope under your feet twice).

7. Pushups:

Pushups are not only for the chest as many people seem to think. Try doing the maximum number of pushups and when you wake up the next day, you chest, shoulders, arms and abs will be sore. Just to give you an idea of the muscles you use during pushups.

6. Rowing:

Whether it be on a rowing machine or the boat . . . this is one of the best cardio exercises that you can do. It is an excellent combination of pull-push.

5. Burpees:

Burpees is a combination of pushups and jumping squats. Start with standing straight then go into a pushups position, do a pushups, jump into a squat position, do a squat and a jump at the end. Highly recommended and great workout.

4. Kettlebell Swings:

With recent boom in kettle bell workouts, the KB swings are considered to be the best exercises for full body conditioning and fat loss.

3. Thrusters:

A combination of squat and shoulder press. You need a pair of dumbbells or a barbell to do this exercise but it is workout it.

2. Clean and Jerk:

This is the bestest best exercise for the full body EVER. You lift the barbell, pulling it up and at the same time you squat as if you are trying to catch the barbell. You stand up straight with the bar across your shoulders and then push it over your head. Let me just tell you the muscles you use in this exercise. The first movement – Traps, shoulders, back, biceps, forearms, thighs, butt and hamstring. The second movement — calves, triceps, shoulders and back. DAMN!!! Need I say anymore

1. Sprints:

And finally . . . the best fat burning exercise is . . . HIIT Sprints. According to research working out in intervals of rest and work is the best way to lose fat. Sprinting itself is a strength exercise but due to speedy nature, it is a cardio workout as well. Take a look at any sprinter; you will not find a shred of fat on them.

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