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Fitness and Diet Tips

Here are some fitness and diet tips that I thought you would enjoy.

Fitness and diet

Diet is the major part of any weight loss or fitness regime and can account for about four fifths of your achievements. You can help improve your diet by planning your meals for the coming week and eating more frequent, smaller meals, to spread your intake over the day.

If you are serious about improving your diet, whether to lose weight or improve your health and fitness, then you need to cut down on processed foods and refined sugars – but then you knew that already, didn’t you? The kind of foods you need to include are those high in protein, such as chicken, turkey and tuna, plus fibrous carbohydrates, such as cabbage, other green vegetables and salads and also some good fats, such as olive oil, almonds and flax seed.

Breakfast is an important meal of the day, especially when trying to lose weight. When you eat, you raise your metabolic rate (how fast you use energy) and by eating breakfast after your overnight fast, you increase your energy usage first thing in the morning. This energy increase from eating can be used to your further advantage by eating smaller meals more often. You can eat small meals between five and seven times daily to help keep your metabolic rate up. It’s important, however, to remember to cut down on the amount at each of these meals to ensure your overall calorie intake remains the same (or is reduced, if you are trying to lose weight). On 6 meals a day, you could plan for 3 meals with 350 calories each (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and 3 meals with 250 calories each for mid morning, mid afternoon and supper. This would allow you 1800 calories a day and you can reduce or increase your intake at each meal for different calorie intake levels.

I plan ahead for my meals for the working week, because then I have something ready to eat when I need it and I am not tempted to buy expensive fast-food from a nearby shop! The prepared food includes protein for my meals and snacks.

On Sundays, I prepare my protein food for the coming working week. The protein part of the meal usually takes the longest to prepare, so this is what I get ready. Portion size is important and I usually count on one chicken fillet or a palm-sized piece of steak or a cup of mince for each adult person. The carbohydrate portion is usually frozen veg for meals and this only takes a few minutes to cook. For snacks or meals eaten at work, I usually use salad, which I prepare on the morning of use.

A typical week might have two fish dinners, two chicken dinners and one steak dinner. I use frozen fish, so this doesn’t need preparation ahead of time because it only takes 15 minutes to bake on the day of use. I thus need to prepare for two chicken and one steak dinners, plus lunches. For two people, this might mean cooking 2 steaks, 8 chicken fillets and 6 hard boiled eggs. The cooked steaks, four chicken fillets and the eggs go in the fridge for dinner and lunches early in the week and the other four cooked chicken fillets go in the freezer for lunch and dinner later in the week. The eggs may also be used for breakfast. This assumes cooked meat can be stored safely in the fridge for two or possibly three days.

In addition to the chosen cooking day, I use a Wednesday evening to prepare any snacks for Thursdays and Fridays, such as hard-boiled eggs.

On a closing note, always remember, failing to plan is planning to fail.

Water helps with weight loss

Water can help you with your weight loss goals. Here are some tips that may help you.

To help you lose weight, consider grabbing a drink of water instead of snacking on chips or popcorn. Water helps you feel full without providing any extra calories. Try to consume at least 6-8 servings of water a day. You can even give the water a little extra “pop,” with a splash of lemon or lime.

Mix your fruit juice with sparkling water to increase your weight loss results. While fruit juices are good for you, they are also high in calories and sugar. By cutting the amount of juice in half and adding soda water, you can knock off up to 85 calories per glass.

Drink water to help you lose weight. If you sit down to a meal and are famished, it’s more likely you will eat more, but simply having a glass of water before a meal will help with that. Sometimes our body will tell you it’s thirsty, but you may think it’s telling you it’s hungry. Next time you’re feeling hungry, try a glass of water.

So.. before sitting down to that next meal, have a glass or two of water. This creates a feeling of being a little full, and you won’t eat as much. Water is a good way to make sure you don’t gorge yourself, and it’s also a good way to help clean your system.

Adding more fruits and vegetables to your diet can greatly assist you in your weight loss attempts. These foods have a lot of water in them, so they help you to feel fuller. They are very high in fiber, which fills you up quickly, too. Most fruits and vegetables are lower in calories, so you can eat more and gain less.

Cut your juice with half water or club soda. Many juices are filled with sugar and calories that you don’t need. If you can cut them in half with something else, you will eliminate a large number of empty calories and sugar from your diet. This can help you to lose a few pounds.

Make sure to get the proper amount of water every day. When your body is dehydrated, it tends to hold on to fat stores because water is necessary to flush out your system. Drinking enough water every day, especially if you haven’t been, helps to flush your system and make you leaner.

Put a water bottle on your desk or table at home or office. Know how much water you are drinking and make sure that you are drinking enough. Here’s the type bottle I like.

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A sedentary life leads to health problems, one of those being weight gain. Our bodies were not meant to sit for hours, yet most of us have desk jobs that make us sit for most of the day. Sitting for that long can also lead to back problems. So every hour, stand up and move around for a few minutes. Go get a drink of water, use the restroom or talk to a coworker. It will help you boost your metabolism. Your body will thank you for it.


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