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AdvoCare Results are Real

Here are some stories of people who have been affected by the AdvoCare products. Many of them started out on the 24 Day Challenge. Listen to the stories of the first video here. You will hear some stories right from the heart. Someone cared enough to share 24 Day Challenge and AdvoCare with you. It wasn’t likely a sales pitch… it was more of a help someone get what they want kind of deal. Zig Zigler said that if you help enough people get what they want in life, you will do the same for yourself.

Listen to the results these people all shared. It really is amazing.

Their results are real and measurable.

45 Pounds in 90 Days

My friend Michelle did just that – She lost 45 pounds in just 90 days. Even better, it’s been 10 months and she’s kept it off. The 24 Day challenge is the first step. If you’ve seen success with it, just imagine what could happen if you gave it a 90 day chance. First 10 days, you would take the herbal cleanse. The rest of the three months, you would continue with the max phase.

Add in some activity and show everyone how to lose some weight during the holiday season instead of adding it this year.

Take a look at Michelle’s before and after shots

Michelle lost 45 pounds

Great Job Michelle


Here are some Before & After shots of some of the AdvoCare family.


AdvoCare is for everyone - AdvoCare gives results

Libbys results

Keep in mind Libby was running every day. Her routine didn’t give her all the results she was looking for. When AdvoCare was introduced, she saw better results. Look Better – Fell Better – Perform Better

Some results as seen on YouTube

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