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Welcome to the 24 Day Challenge

Welcome to the 24 Day Challenge!

Whether you have been doing this program for years or if you have just started today, this site is for you.

If you are looking for the different guides, check the box to the left. You will see links to several PDF files that you can utilize. If there is something you are looking for that’s not here, please ask. We are here to help you succeed!
Obesity is a growing problem (ok NO pun intended ). Information will help people fight back one step at a time – one pound at a time.

We want to know what your results were for your very first challenge. Everyone is different and results vary, but this is a forum for everyone. Advocare’s 24 day challenge bundle has what’s needed to get you started. Let us know if you used that bundle or if you added any other products like AdvoCare Catalyst or AdvoCare Thermoplus. Also, let us know if you went with the MNS 3, MNS E or the MNS C. What were your goals? Were you looking to lose weight, tone up, get lean, or just get healthier in general?

What were your results in the cleanse phase? What were your results in the max phase? Or just your results all together… weight loss … total inches lost … waist size change … or dress size changes etc. Any information that you would be willing to share will help someone and let folks compare their results.

Thank you for being a part of the AdvoCare family and thank you for contributing your stories.

Please click register at the top and create a user name and your email address. Your password will be emailed to you.

God Bless


Catalyst is an optional part of the 24 Day Challenge offered by AdvoCare distributors.  It’s really an amazing product and you may have overlooked it wondering if it was for you or not. In your diet, weight loss adventure, general health plans, are you generally just focused on the scale? just looking to see if you went down a pound or two or heaven forbid up?  I was. It was the scale that told me everything I wanted to know.  OK and the pants sizes. :-)

This product was designed for the USA Wrestling Team for the Olympics. I’m just an average kind of guy – not very athletic… what did I need this for?  This stuff is amazing y’all. If you want to shed the fat and increase the muscle, this is for you.  I don’t know how it works, all I know is what it did for me. I dropped inches off my waist and stomach when I added this to my plan.

I use this during the 24 day challenge cleanse phase as well as during the max phase.

Ok – so what if you did get Catalyst with your challenge…  When should you take it?

First, it works best on an empty stomach. I take this when I wake up with my Spark and my first packet of MNS.

I also take it 30 minutes before eating lunch.

If I’m going to the gym, I’ll take some right before I start working out.

If I don’t do an evening workout, I’ll take some right before bed… with my Rehydrate.

I use this with the AdvoCare Cleanse as well as with the Metabolic Nutrition System (MNS).

On the bottle it says “Take three capsules between meals or 10-15 minutes prior to exercise or training.”


As always, If you have questions, please contact your coach or you don’t have one, I’ll be glad to assist any way I can.

Daily Guide


The AdvoCare 500 New Spark - Mango Strawberry - Energy Drink

Mango Strawberry Spark

Here are the guides for the Cleanse Phase and the Max Phase of the AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge. These are guides and suggestions. Please contact the person who is coaching you with your 24 Day Challenge for additional information.

Omega Plex has been added to the standard AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge. It is recommended that you take 2 with a meal two times a day.   These instructions / guides list Catalyst.  You may or may not have added to your initial 24 day Challenge.  Additionally, you may or may not have added the Meal Replacement Shakes to the first 10 days.  Discuss your weight loss objectives and plan with your AdvoCare coach.  If you just found this site and don’t have a coach, contact us and we’ll get you some information ASAP.

Step 1: Cleanse Phase (Days 1-10)

Step 2: MAX Phase (Days 11-24)

Cleanse Brochure / flyer

Max Phase Brochure / flyer

To maintain your progress, do Step 2 again for the next 10 weeks.  Add in Catalyst to add more muscle while burning more fat.  The Step 1 cleanse is recommended every 90 days.

I order Spark by the tub instead of boxes since I like it a few times a day and the discount is awesome by the tub.

We have done our best to make these daily guides / daily instructions the best possible. If you have additions / changes to these, let us know. Your feedback is very important to us as we help with your weight loss goals.

After the 24 Day Challenge, my hope is that you feel as awesome as I did. When i first heard of the plan, they told me. Look Better. Feel Better. Perform Better. It really worked. I had tried so many diet plans before and never expected to lose weight. I was totally surprised in a very good way.

I’ve read about 30 day challenges, 7 day ones… so many out there. This is the best I’ve ever seen.

Click here to view or order the 24 Day Challenge Bundle

Please post your comments. If there’s more info you’d like to see, just let me know.

Spark is available in the following flavors:

Orange Spark


Citrus Spark


Cherry Spark


Fruit Punch Spark


Grape Spark


Pink Lemonade Spark


Need some daily help for 24 days?
Please Note
This site is owned and operated by independent AdvoCare distributors. It is a forum for anyone trying this 24 day challenge to express their views / comments and share ideas as well as ask questions of others who are taking advantage of this program sweeping the nation.