Romance Your Valentine’s Day Date With Red Wine

Romance Your Valentine’s Day Date With Red Wine

Alcohol is a brilliant social lubricant that you can take advantage of on Valentine’s Day. Consuming it in moderation can help you relax, make the conversation flow and even get you in the mood for love. The best part is that certain types of alcohol can also boost your health. Red wine is one choice that does exactly that and as an added bonus its colour also matches the theme of the day. So why not romance your Valentine’s Day date with a glass or two of red wine this year? In this article I will be building the case for red wine by taking a deeper look at the health boosting nutrients it contains.

Tannic Acid

Tannic acid is a highly beneficial nutrient that can be found in red wine. It prevents bacterial growths, fights dangerous free radicals, prevents genetic mutations and prevents diarrhea. Provisional studies indicate that it may also be able to protect against a number of nasty diseases including Alzheimer’s disease, cancer and diabetes. However, further research is required before these protective properties can be confirmed.


Malvidin is another powerful nutrient that can be sourced from red wine. Its main role is to protect the body’s cells from harmful free radicals. Early research indicates that it may also prevent muscle damage during exercise and reduce your cancer risk. However, more evidence is needed before these effects can be confirmed.


Apigenin has a long list of positive roles in the human body. It prevents painful inflammation, keeps your cells safe from damaging free radicals and reduces allergies. In addition to this, apigenin fights cancer, protects your DNA from damage and promotes healthy blood flow.


Myricetin is yet another beneficial nutrient that can be found in red wine. It acts in a protective capacity and keeps your body safe from cancer, free radicals and painful inflammation. It also keeps your blood cholesterol levels under control which reduces your heart disease risk. Some early evidence suggests that myricetin may also boost your brain and offer protection against Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease. However, further follow up studies are needed before this can be confirmed.


When it comes to alcohol, red wine is certainly one of the healthier choices. Drinking copious amounts isn’t going to do you or your Valentine’s Day date any good but enjoying a few glasses throughout the day can make it more enjoyable and has the added bonus of boosting both you and your date’s health.

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