My Challenge Diary – Day One

Here you will find a log of everything I did during my challenge from day 1.

Today (January 26th), I am starting my personal 24 Day Challenge. My current weight is 237 pounds. I had some before pictures taken last night just to have a good starting point. I measured my stomach, waist, neck this morning and am all ready to go.

Per the plan, I will be on the cleanse phase for the first 10 days.

Day 1
– Wake Up – Weight & Measure
– Spark upon waking – on an empty stomach
– 30 minutes later – mix fiber drink (note: when you mix this, drink it right then. It’s thick, but just chug it)
– Breakfast after fiber drink. I don’t like cooking breakfast 🙂 so Meal Replacement Shake time for me.

I LOVE bread so avoiding the bread (processed starches) will be difficult. Fortunately, the plan says that if I just HAVE to have some bread, get it in the whole grain form. But… I’m going to try to avoid it all together. Since sodas are not part of my current routine since the first day I tried SPARK, they will not be a problem at all.

This Cleanse Phase is designed to get my body ready for the nutrition in the Max Phase. My plan is to eat lunch at the cafe in our office building… but not the normal chicken fingers and fries. I am going to avoid all fried foods as much as possible. I went to store last night and picked up some fresh fruit to take for a snack and for supper I plan to have chicken salad and a garden salad…

I’ll update this post tonight with some notes on how today went. Anyone else starting out their Day 1 – add comments of how your Day 1 went if you like.

Update: Wow! I thought today was going to be more difficult. Over the past week I had eaten pizza, ice cream, chocolate, all kinds of stuff that I knew I would not be eating. I LOVE chocolate and it’s my major weakness. I carried a banana and an apple to work with me. They were a great substitute for the chocolate. I ate lunch in the cafe and had grilled chicken. For supper, I had a salad with chunks of chicken. All in all, it was a great food choice day and I wasn’t hungry. Looking forward to seeing the results. Soon as the 24 days are up, I’ll post my before picture and after picture.

That’s it for now

To Your Success,

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January 26, 2012

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