Meal Replacement Bars

AdvoCare’s meal replacement bars are something that I carry with me all the time.  I take a lot of pictures – fun hobby – but sometimes I’m at an event where I am in a single location for hours on end. I always have these bars in my camera bag.  Very nutritional and taste great. I was really surprised at how good they taste. You know.. .anything that’s good for you can’t taste good. That’s what the folks who have awful tasting stuff want you to believe. 🙂


If you’ve not checked them out.  Add them to your routine. I have a Meal Replacement Shake for breakfast every day of the 24 day challenge.  These are a great way to help when you are on the run.

These are not ordinary protein bars that you can just grab off the shelf at your local supermarket. These are packed with so much more!

Here’s information directly from the site.



  • 16 grams of protein to support metabolism and lean muscle during periods of calorie restriction
  • Provides a balanced meal with just 215 calories
  • Excellent source of vitamins A, C, D and E
  • 18 vitamins and minerals


Meal Replacement Bars are a perfect solution for on-the-go dieting. These bars pack 16 grams of high-quality, easily-digested protein to help you retain lean muscle and support your metabolism while you cut calories. They’re also an excellent source of 18 vitamins and minerals as well as B-vitamins, which help you sustain energy during weight loss. And with just 3 grams of fat and 215 calories, they’ll fill you up without fattening you up. They’re also a great source of protein to help you sustain energy and gain muscle during your workouts.

Is this you?
Someone looking for a convenient, quick and nutritious meal replacement
Someone restricting calories who wants to maintain muscle mass and support proper metabolism
Someone who needs additional protein in your diet




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