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The ideal fitness activity: walking

Ever heard someone say I’ll start exercising when I lose a little weight… or get more energy… or next week… and then none of those happen. What is the ideal fitness activity for the majority? WALKING.

In an ideal world you’d be able to eat all you wanted, do as little exercise as you felt like and move around just by flicking a switch. Think of the cartoon Wall-e. Remember all those folks who couldn’t get out of their automatic chairs?

And if you chose to sit in front of the TV all day stuffing yourself with pizza, chips, cookies, snack cakes and ice creams, it wouldn’t make the slightest difference to the way you looked or how you felt. Ok I don’t live in that world.

In an ideal world, you wouldn’t have to worry about your lifestyle. You’d look and feel great all the time.

However… here in the real world, we are increasingly becoming an obese society of adults and children. Kids have so many reasons NOT to get active. Everything they need is within arms reach usually. Playstation, Xbox, PSP, iPod, and the remote control. Why would they ever need to go outside?

According to the U.S. Department of Health & Human Sciences, heart disease kills nearly one million people every year.

There are many reasons for this. The time spent watching TV is just one. Working for long periods at a computer and an increasing reliance on the car are others. When in college, I walked every day. Rain or shine. It wasn’t because I loved it. I had no car. If I wanted to get to work and then class I got my rear in gear and walked. I complained about it sometimes but what a difference it made that I never even realized! When I got a car, I gained weight immediately. Literally in one quarter, I had changed sizes and not in a good way.

And if, like many, you know you’re not as active as you should be, you may come out in a cold sweat every time the dreaded word ‘exercise’ is mentioned.

But here’s the thing, you don’t need to worry. There is an activity you know only too well that offers the perfect solution to being unfit. It’s called walking!

Just imagine for a moment what the ideal fitness plan would look like:

1 It would be easy to do and enjoyable for its own sake

2 It would provide a wide range of health benefits like:

– Reducing the risks of heart disease, diabetes and minor illnesses
– Controlling or reducing your weight
– Reducing your blood pressure
– Reducing your risk of injury
– Reducing stress and improving your sleep
– Improving your posture

3 It would be cheap and wouldn’t involve the purchase of lots of equipment – no don’t go out and buy all the latest gadgets and shoes and other stuff. Try it out with what you have to start with.

4 It would be flexible enough to adapt to the time you have available

5 It would put you in control of your body and your life.

Walking is ALL of the above. It’s the IDEAL solution to the problem of inactivity.

Walking can be your solution to the obesity / overweight / inactivity problem we are faced with in today’s environment.

You can stop your body going into further decline just by walking a bit more each day. All you have to do is increase the amount of walking you already do on an average day to 21 minutes (or 30 minutes over 5 days a week).

Then you need to do it regularly, making it part of your daily routine.

The wonderful thing about walking for fitness is that you can do it anywhere: at home, in the gym, in your local neighborhood or, for the more adventurous, in the great outdoors.

And it’s all FREE.

Your body was designed for walking. Make it what you do best and make your body your best friend!

In the real world, walking can help get you fit. It’s the ideal way to survive fitness. I’ve watched a small group of folks at our office who walk every day for their lunch hour. They make laps around our office complex (inside when weather isn’t desirable) outside when it’s just right to take a walk without freezing or pouring sweat. They have become a healthy group. You can tell the difference in them and it’s attributed to walking.

If you don’t really know how much you are walking each day, get you an inexpensive pedometer. A quick search on Amazon showed this one under $10 with free shipping as well. DMC-03 Multifunction Pedometer with Steps, Distance and Calories

I only have one because I had no idea how many steps a day I took. I’m told that if you can make 10,000 (sounds like a LOT) but it isn’t really. Anyway – if you can make it to ten thousand steps each day, you will be doing great and should be getting more and more in shape with each step.

Let’s get to walking. Turn off the monitor right now and go for a quick walk. Involve the family. Get the family pet. Whatever you have to do to make it happen. Get up and get active!

As always – To YOUR Success –

So what are you waiting for? Get walking

Healthy Tips for a Healthier You

Are we so busy racing through our day that we do not take time to look after ourselves? There is a song by Alabama that I really like. It’s got a line that says “I’m in a hurry to get things done. I rush and rush until lifes no fun… I’m in a hurry and don’t know why” It’s really no wonder that so many of us are tired and run down.

What are some simple things that we can do to improve our quality of life?

In our fast-paced society, it is easy to neglect our overall health and wellness. We’re so busy racing through our days – family, friends, work, social engagements – that we don’t take the time to look after ourselves. No wonder our society is so tired. Energy drinks sales are soaring. 7 out of 10 people I see in the morning on the way in to work either have some sort of energy drink or coffee or even the dreaded Starbucks cup in hand. There are some very simple things we can do to improve our quality of life.

First – Drink! Drink! and Drink again…
But watch what you are ingesting. You know it… we all do. We need to drink water more. Let me say that one more time – drink more water!

The human body is 72% water.

Did you know that a 5% drop in fluids creates a 25-30% loss in energy.

How about this one? With a 15% drop in fluids, it causes death!

Statistics show that 66% of our society isn’t drinking enough water. I’m betting it’s even higher than that. Ok so we now have over half of the population running around thirsty… They are off to a bad start even before other factors like stress, bad air, poor food choices, and lack of movement take their toll.

It’s not really a difficult thing to remedy. Just drink one glass of water every half hour or so – or 10-12 glasses of water per day. You will be amazed at what this simple step can do for you. We have heard the old addage that you need 8 glasses of water a day. That’s not correct. Take your weight and divide it by 2. Whatever the result is how many ounces of water you need a day to help keep you hydrated. Just adding this water to your body will help you boost your energy levels.

Ok – Next we need to be more active. With so many things that are keeping us sitting, we need to make a mental note to get up and get active. TV with hundreds of channels along with video on demand, and thousands of series available on dvds…it makes it easy to sit and be a couch potato. Get off the couch! Walk a little.

Even if you are just getting up and walking out to the mailbox… or parking a little further at work so that you have to walk a little more. Every bit of walking is making you get a little more active. And when you get active, you are burning more calories.

If you want to start a walking routine, I’ve heard that just starting out with five minutes a day for two weeks will help to get you in shape some. Try that for 14 days – every day and no more than just the five minutes. For the next two weeks, go seven minutes… then ten minutes… adding a few minutes every week or two will help you build up a routine. Of course, always check with your family doc to see what’s best for you. Every person is different and we want to make sure everyone is healthy enough to do this. I’ve seen the show “Biggest Loser” a few times. I see how hard those guys and ladies are pushed running on the treadmills until they just fall. Just keep in mind, they have a staff of doctors there watching and ensuring they are all OK. So… don’t try that at home :-) The whole point is to start getting active. There are programs on smart phones to help even. I use Lose It on the iphone to track my weight, my food and my exercise. It’s been a great help just to be able to track what calories I’m taking in and how many I’m burning.

Would you agree that our food today is less in nutrients than it used to be? Why is that? We are getting food from much further locations today. Sometimes, the fruit and veggies are picked so early that all the nutrients are just not there. Other times, we have so over used our soil that it just can’t supply the amount of nutrition needed. Regardless of the reasons, the facts show that we just do not get what’s needed with our diets. Even if we eat exact portions recommended, our bodies would not get the amount of nutrition needed. Supplements can help with this. Know what’s in them if you are going to use them. All vitamins are NOT created equal.

Another way to get more veggies and fruits is to use one of the popular juicers and create your own healthy drinks. You want a good juicer though, not one that just rips the nutrients out before you get a chance to drink them. I got one of the cheap juicers from my local super center and it worked fairly good. I noticed the first day that more was being dropped into the pulp container than in the juice container. But hey – I found that I could eat celery easily when apples were added to the mix. But I digress… this is an option that may be good for you. There are also health drinks that have several servings of fruits and vegetables. Just watch your sodium, sugar and other additives when you check them out.

Sleep – Getting enough sleep can help you lead a more healthy life as well. When we don’t get enough sleep, it stresses our bodies.

With these few ideas, you can be on the way to living a healthier life. My hope is that these are things that you already knew but just needed to be reminded of to get you motivated a little. And what are you doing? you are sitting at your PC reading. Glad you are… but get up and get a glass of water. Walk around the house a few times and come back and enjoy the internet.

One last item – Find something to laugh at every day.

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