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Treat Your Date To Some Dark Chocolate This Valentine’s Day

Treat Your Date To Some Dark Chocolate This Valentine’s Day

Chocolate and flowers are a staple of any good Valentine’s Day. The good news is that you can stay healthy and still enjoy chocolate so long as you go dark. Dark chocolate contains a number of unique phytonutrients that are not present in milk or white chocolate. In this article I will be discussing why dark chocolate is the better Valentine’s Day choice by taking a detailed look at the phytonutrients it contains.


Catechin can be sourced from dark chocolate and has a number of impressive health boosting properties. It minimizes allergies, protects your body’s cells from harmful free radicals and even prevents cancer. Catechin can also treat hepatitis and may be able to treat mental disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease.


Epicatechin is another powerful phytonutrient that can be found in dark chocolate. It keeps your body’s cells safe from dangerous free radicals, boosts your heart health and lowers blood glucose levels. An observational study of the Kuna Indians suggests that epicatechin may also be able to do prevent cancer, heart failure and strokes. However, much more evidence is needed before these observations can be applied to the wider population.


Like catechin and epicatechin, gallocatechol can protect against dangerous free radicals in the body. Early evidence suggests that it may also boost the immune system, relieve the pain associated with arthritis, protect against cancer, reduce your heart disease risk and keep your cholesterol levels under control.


Resveratrol is yet another health boosting phytonutrient that can be sourced from dark chocolate. There is very little research available on the exact impact it has on human health. However, the early studies on resveratrol have received a huge amount of publicity and indicate that it may be able to reduce painful inflammation, protect against harmful toxins within the body and promote healthy blood flow. In addition to this, it may be able to reduce your risk of contracting a number of chronic diseases including cancer, diabetes and heart disease. Finally, resveratrol may be able to protect your kidneys, your liver and your skin cells from damage.

Summary & Serving Suggestions

If you are going to eat chocolate this Valentine’s Day then go dark and fill up on all these phytonutrients. If you are not a fan of plain dark chocolate try some of these serving suggestions:

Fruit & Melted Dark Chocolate:- Melt some dark chocolate in a pan, pick you and your date’s favorite fruit and then take turns dipping and feeding portions to each other for a romantic Valentine’s Day snack.

Dark Chocolate Bombs:- Melt some dark chocolate in a pan, take a big scoop of your favorite ice cream and then apply a coating of the melted dark chocolate. Place the coated ice cream on a tray and freeze for about one hour until the chocolate becomes hard to create a dark chocolate bomb that you and your date can enjoy.

Romance Your Valentine’s Day Date With Red Wine

Romance Your Valentine’s Day Date With Red Wine

Alcohol is a brilliant social lubricant that you can take advantage of on Valentine’s Day. Consuming it in moderation can help you relax, make the conversation flow and even get you in the mood for love. The best part is that certain types of alcohol can also boost your health. Red wine is one choice that does exactly that and as an added bonus its colour also matches the theme of the day. So why not romance your Valentine’s Day date with a glass or two of red wine this year? In this article I will be building the case for red wine by taking a deeper look at the health boosting nutrients it contains.

Tannic Acid

Tannic acid is a highly beneficial nutrient that can be found in red wine. It prevents bacterial growths, fights dangerous free radicals, prevents genetic mutations and prevents diarrhea. Provisional studies indicate that it may also be able to protect against a number of nasty diseases including Alzheimer’s disease, cancer and diabetes. However, further research is required before these protective properties can be confirmed.


Malvidin is another powerful nutrient that can be sourced from red wine. Its main role is to protect the body’s cells from harmful free radicals. Early research indicates that it may also prevent muscle damage during exercise and reduce your cancer risk. However, more evidence is needed before these effects can be confirmed.


Apigenin has a long list of positive roles in the human body. It prevents painful inflammation, keeps your cells safe from damaging free radicals and reduces allergies. In addition to this, apigenin fights cancer, protects your DNA from damage and promotes healthy blood flow.


Myricetin is yet another beneficial nutrient that can be found in red wine. It acts in a protective capacity and keeps your body safe from cancer, free radicals and painful inflammation. It also keeps your blood cholesterol levels under control which reduces your heart disease risk. Some early evidence suggests that myricetin may also boost your brain and offer protection against Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease. However, further follow up studies are needed before this can be confirmed.


When it comes to alcohol, red wine is certainly one of the healthier choices. Drinking copious amounts isn’t going to do you or your Valentine’s Day date any good but enjoying a few glasses throughout the day can make it more enjoyable and has the added bonus of boosting both you and your date’s health.

Mix Up Your Valentine’s Day Dessert With Bananas

Mix Up Your Valentine’s Day Dessert With Bananas

When it comes to Valentine’s Day desserts most people think of double chocolate cake or calorie rich pies. However, bananas are an excellent way to cut the calories whilst maintaining the taste. An average banana contains just 100 calories, tastes sweet and is also packed with health boosting nutrients. In this article I discuss how adding a banana to your Valentine’s Day dessert can boost your health by looking at some of the main nutrients bananas contain.

Vitamin B6

Bananas are an excellent source of vitamin B6. The main function of this vitamin is to help the body digest protein. However, it also helps the body create red blood cells, controls hormones and reduces your heart disease risk.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is another powerful nutrient that can be found in bananas. It has a number of roles in the body which include protecting against free radicals, assisting in the production of collagen and boosting the immune system. Certain studies indicate that vitamin C may also have cancer fighting properties.


Bananas contain high levels of manganese. This health boosting nutrient promotes proper digestion and moderates your blood glucose levels. Manganese also controls various internal processes within your body by activating enzymes.

Dietary Fibre

Dietary fibre is a nutrient that can be found in many fruits including bananas. It supports good bowel health by stimulating regular bowel movements and preventing bowel disease. Dietary fibre also controls your blood glucose levels and helps you fully absorb the nutrients in your food.


Bananas are a brilliant source of potassium. This nutrient helps your muscles to contract and keeps your heartbeats regular. Potassium also helps you digest your food, prevents high blood pressure and stimulates muscle growth.

Summary & Serving Suggestions

Bananas are one of the more nutritious sweet treats you can enjoy on Valentine’s Day. Whilst a banana may not sound as tempting as some of the other dessert choices out there, it can be if you get a little creative. Just try one of the tasty serving suggestions below for a nutrient packed dessert:

Banana Dark Chocolate Dip:- Melt some dark chocolate in a pan, peel a large banana with your Valentine’s Day date then take turns feeding each other chocolate coated bites of banana. Not only does this taste great but it’s a great way to spend some intimate time with your date.

Banana Split:- Chop a banana in half, place some ice cream in the middle and then top with your favourite fruit and a little bit of honey for a sweet and nutritious dessert.

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