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Here are some Before & After shots of some of the AdvoCare family.


AdvoCare is for everyone - AdvoCare gives results

Libbys results

Keep in mind Libby was running every day. Her routine didn’t give her all the results she was looking for. When AdvoCare was introduced, she saw better results. Look Better – Fell Better – Perform Better

Some results as seen on YouTube

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Everyone taking advantage of this amazing weight loss system seems to start with a SPARK.

If you haven’t heard it yet, get in touch with us. Spark is AMAZING. It is something that I drink daily. Before being introduced to AdvoCare, I drank at least 2 – 2 liter soft drinks a day… diet drinks… but still it was a lot of them! I haven’t wanted those type drinks in over a year now. I gave Spark a try because I wanted some extra energy and I saw there was an opportunity for being paid for working part time while helping others.

My cousin knew that I had an energy drink a day every day – sometimes more. Have you ever looked into all the chemicals that are in those things?  Wow! I was shocked to learn some of the ingredients.

With SPARK, it’s a low key energy boost. I don’t have any jittery feeling and it gives me great mental focus.

The standard 24 day challenge comes with two boxes of 14 packets. That gives you one a day with 4 extras.  If you want more energy than just once a day, Get a Tub. It has 42 servings so you will have plenty for those afternoons when you get tired… or anytime when you just need that little bit of extra focus.


Need some daily help for 24 days?
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