12 Super Foods plus 2

I keep hearing about all these super foods everywhere. I don’t know about you, but our food supply is getting less and less healthy. There’s no way to eat enough fruits and veggies to get all the nutrients our body require on a daily basis. Eating these can help you along your way. But keep in mind supplements are an important way to assist. The ones found in the 24 Day Challenge are the best I’ve seen anywhere. Back to the list.

There are 12 foods that, if eaten on a regular basis, do wonders for your health. Do you know what they are?

If you’re reading this than you already have some knowledge of how important good nutrition is. I’m a big advocate of “you are what you eat.” Meaning, what you put in your body largely determines what you look like on the outside.

And if you make a serious effort to improve your eating habits, you will notice a positive change in how you look and feel. It’s not about perfection though. Thrive to make small changes to your diet over time and you’ll eventually be amazed at the will power you develop.

There are 12 foods that you should be eating on a regular basis. All have their own unique health benefits and if you mold your diet around the majority of these foods, you’ll notice an improvement in your health.

The list is as follows:

1. Almonds and other nuts- a great source of good fat.

2. Beans and legumes- a great source of fiber and protein.

3. Spinach and other green vegetables- a great source of phytonutrients and antioxidants.

4. Low-fat dairy- a great source of calcium and protein.

5. Oatmeal- a great source of fiber and protein.

6. Eggs- a great source of vitamin E and protein.

7. Turkey and other lean meats- a great source of protein.

8. Natural peanut butter- yes, this can be included under #1, but natural peanut butter makes eating nuts easier because you can spread it on wheat bread, bananas, celery, etc. Better still, it’s very cost effective.

9. Olive oil- a great source of good fat. It doesn’t take much to make a difference. Check out regular oil side by side with the olive oil. Wow! There’s a huge difference in what’s passed on to us just by cooking.

10. Whole-grain breads and cereals- a great source of fiber… low calorie versions are available as well. Look for the healthy heart symbol next time you are in the bread isle. This goes for your pasta, your buns, rolls and any other bread source you are looking for.

11. Extra protein- a great source of protein!
(Seriously? Who would have thought it? I don’t know where some of these lists come from.) They do bring up a good point though. Protein is needed throughout the day to help with your health goals. Skipping protein can make you cheat yourself out of some of the goals you are working on.

12. Raspberries and other berries- a great source of antioxidants.

All 12 foods above have a high nutritional value and should be incorporated into your daily snacks and meals.

I personally bring the list with me food shopping and you might want to consider doing the same.

Two that I believe are great were left off the list. Blueberries (could be covered under #12) and tomatoes. They are awesome for your body.

If you have more to add to the list, please feel free. Collectively, y’all are the experts. Hearing from you guys is important.

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